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Green Tea Cafe – Tsujiri Honten

During my trip to Japan this was one of my must-do places to visit.  This place in located within the Main Streets of Old-Gion , Kyoto. The place is pretty easy to find because around lunch time you see a massive queue  of people lining up –  extending from upstairs to the outside of the cafe.


Tsujiri Honten


This had green tea soft serve, normal green tea ice cream, kiwi, green tea biscuit, glutonous balls,  green. tea jelly, and bananas.


Tsujiri Honten


The Green-Tea Noodles!




How pretty is it? I think that is how far it got with me. The desserts were all very nice to look at but they all had an odd sour taste to it. Maybe I chose the wrong one? The Green-Tea noodles were lovely though. Especially on a really cold day.


Worth visiting for the novelty of it though. 🙂


Tsujiri Honten


573-3 Gionmachi Minamigawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 605-0074, Japan


Leura Gourmet Cafe and Deli – Leura

On our recent visit to the Blue Mountains we took a short day trip too Leura. One of the cafes we decided to eat at was the Leura Gourmet Cafe and Deli.

Leura Gourmet Cafe and Deli


From the outside it just looks like a regular deli. You can’t see much from the outside. There is a small door entrance with the deli forming the front entrance area of the cafe/deli.

Leura Gourmet Cafe and Deli


Leura Gourmet Cafe and Deli


However, as you venture towards the end of the shop – you start to notice that there is a long line of people waiting, and an array of tables, lime green walls, and a beautiful view overlooking the forest. A very unexpected surprise.

Leura Gourmet Cafe and Deli


Fresh Juice is available.

Leura Gourmet Cafe and Deli


The food is pretty mediocre though. Not the best presented and best cooked food.

Leura Gourmet Cafe and DeliAbove is the Leek and Chicken Pie. The Crust was nice. The filling was nice. But it would have been better if they added a little more cheese to the sauce to make it thicker. A little more pastry would have been nice too. Overall the dish was satisfactory.

I would recommend this cafe purely for the ambiance alone. A pleasant surprise, and discovery. This cafe is located in Leura Mall.


Chicken Rice at Glutton Bay Singapore

Singapore is one of those must-do-stopover-type places when travelling overseas. I would recommend giving yourself at least a day or 2 to be able to relax and take everything in.  We had about 6 hours to get from the Airport and back, so we were a little confined to a tight schedule.

We decided to head to Glutton Bay in Marina Bay. Heaps of Hawker style fooderies in an outdoor area overlooking the water. Ridiculously cheap food too, very very friendly people, and if you are concerned about language barriers – pretty much everyone who lives there speaks clear english.

Glutton Bay- Marina Bay Singapore


How can you go past Chicken Rice with some iced-tea in Singapore? I eat this in Sydney all the time and just had to try it in Singapore. Very delicious.




Buying dessert in Japan is really a special experience. We found this place inside a large supermarket/ Myers type place in Hiroshima not too far from the JR station. From what I remember there is a  whole section of different vendors, dedicated to sweet stuff. It comes served in  heart shaped   crockery. Cute!

Jacky Chan Restaurant in Tamachi, Tokyo/

We found a series of restaurants wandering towards an off-street in Tamachi, Tokyo. About 2-5 minutes walk from the Tamachi Station you will find an array of restaurants.. Not sure what this place is called since I don’t understand Japanese. But I will post a video to give you guys an idea of the location.

The first night we discovered this place, we ended up eating at this Jacky Chan Restaurant. Not sure if it is Jacky Chan, but it does look like him.

Jacky Chan Restaurant


1. Crispy Tofu in a Beef(I think) Broth. Very tasty

2. Was not Takoyaki. Dissapointned.

3. Salted Edame Beans. Nice 🙂


Jacky Chan Restaurant


4. Spicy chicken Wings. These were okay. You can get better chicken wings in Australia.

5. What was inside the Takoyaki looking balls.

6. Cheese Sticks? Very creamy. The Cabbage actually works well with it.

Jacky Chan Restaurant


How can you not go to Japan and have a Sashimi plate? In order from left to right:  Salmon, Octopus, Tuna, Not sure what the last one was. It was my first time trying octopus. It was ok.

Jacky Chan Restaurant


If you are a non-smoker make sure you ask for the non-smoking section 🙂 Sounds obvious but you tend to forget these things as a non-native speaker/visitor.

Tamachi Station is on the JR Yamanote line 🙂

Ice cream :)


Ice cream

Kagome: Grape Juice and Strawberry Juice

Kagome Juice

Olivier Salad : Russian Salad

Hi folks,

I’ve been a little busy recently so have been a little lazy in the posting department.

As you all may have noticed, my past posts have all been Japanese cuisines and foods due to having visited Japan recently. But today I provide something a little different! (Thank-you to my good Russian friend for the recipe)

Olivier Salad or Russian Salad


The recipe contains: potatoes, carrots, eggs, spring onion, green apples, quail eggs, pickles,  peas, lots of mayo, mustard, and chicken thigh fillets. This was my first time making this. I think it came out alright 🙂