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Black Forrest Restaurant – The Austrian Society.

Cabramatta for a long, long time has been known as the little Asia of Sydney and the go-to place for some of the best Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine in Sydney.

However, it hasn’t really been a place to be associated with European cuisine.

Just 2-5 minutes drive away from the main shopping district is a place called the German/Australian Society/Club.

As a kid I was always intrigued by this place as we passed on by for a trip to Yum-Cha with a bunch of relatives. Even as an adult, I never thought about venturing in. The name and location o the place gave it a sense of exclusivity.

After a failed booking at the Bavarian in Parramatta for a large group, we decided to take the gamble and try this place . There was an air of uncertainty. The poorly done website didn’t do much to  convey anything positive about the place, so to be honest – I wasn’t expecting much at all. How wrong was I/we.

WP_20150418_20_15_56_ProA very homely feel.



Some garlic bread to start.



The Beef Goulash comes in a main meal and entree size.  Perfect.



The Pork Knuckle is impressively large. I’m not sure that this photo really shows the scale very well. The sauerkraut is just as good. Nice and warm and a hint of sourness. Nothing like the crappy store bought-jarred- stuff..



Duck with Rotkraut/Red Cabbage. A little on the dry side but big portions once again.



Potato Dumplings stuffed with meat served with dumplings.



We decided to get the “Hot Love” out of the whim. The menu board had no description of what was in it – just the name of it. It was a tasty Strawberry Sundae but with something named “Hot Love” I was expecting something much more chocolately and decadent.



The Apple Strudel was delicious. The pastry was crispy and the filling had just the right amount of sweetness to it.

Overall, I really enjoyed the food and the general atmosphere. Well cooked food and good value for money. However, I do believe some of the waitstaff are a little rusty with their waiting skills/ seem a little hesitant about approaching customers. Simple things such as asking if a customer has enjoyed their meal, and if they would like additional drinks can go a long way in ensuring customer satisfaction.

The German Austrian Society/ Black Forrest Restaraunt can be found at:

73-75 Curtin Street, Cabramatta (entrance from Car Park on Broomfield Street



Tim Ho Wan

WP_20150404_11_49_17_ProTim Ho Wan is one of the most talked about restaurants in the Sydney food scene at the moment. Having earnt a Michelin Star and being considered one of the cheapest Michelin Star restaurants, it is easy to see what the craze is all about.


So I joined the rest of the food monkeys and joined the eternal queue to tasty food.’

pepperlunch2 pepperlunch1

Numerous other restaurants await to help make the waiting time a little less boring.


Mmm, side-ways Mint Frappe.


Finally at the front! Look at all those suckers lining up…

WP_20150404_13_52_42_Pro WP_20150404_13_43_22_Pro

By this point we had been waiting for at least 2 hours now.


I was still pretty hungry even after having those other meals whilst queuing up. I didn’t even bother taking food pics because of this. But if you’ve been to any yum cha you would be familiar with how the dishes look. Their Pork Buns are a little different though – being in a crispy, sweet encasing rather than the traditional steamed style. I prefer the traditional style.

We ordered about 8-9 different dishes, and to be honest Tim Ho Wan falls short of any good Yum Cha or Dim Sum restaurant. Try Vinh Phat in Cabramatta, or almost any Yum Cha around Sydney for better quality and cheaper food.

I was expecting, and wanted to see some good things eating here but I think this one is really over hyped.I honestly don’t understand how this restaurant gets a 4 star review, or receives a Michelin star. Maybe the Hong Kong one and Sydney one are worlds apart?

Sorry Tim Ho Wan fans. I wont be back.