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Ben Gongs Tea and Bakery : Burwood

Recently randomly stumbled upon Ben Gongs Tea and Bakery in Burwood. The place looks great, very modern aesthetics and clean looking. It seemed very popular so I decided to give it a shot.


I decided to try one of their Strawberry buns. Other flavours were also available.


However, unfortunately looks are very deceiving. Most would imagine biting into something rather sweet,  but in this case it was failed. The bun was a bread bun, not a sweet pastry bun , was plain and unflavoured. The cream was not a sweet whipped cream, or sweet cream but rather a plain yoghurty tasting yoghurt. I’m not sure who creates this and thinks people will want to eat plain yoghurt on plain bread?



The tea was nothing special. Just plain tea with some fruit thrown into it.

Ben Gongs is aesthetically pleasing but in terms of taste, it falls very short.