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Bel & Brio (Barangaroo)

Here is another one also situated in Barangaroo.

The seafood Carpaccio of the day. Light and refreshing, delicately seasoned. My only quarrel was the lack of mint. I felt as though each fish piece should have one mint piece to go with it.

It is a nice looking dish with some nice nutty flavours through out. However, I felt as though it could be better with the introduction of a bitier cheese. In addition, the pasta was hard which made it a little unpleasant to eat. I do enjoy Al Dente pasta but this was a little under.

Born by Tapavino Barangaroo

Barangaroo brings Spanish Tapas style dining amongstĀ  Sydneys newest developments.

Unfortunately I don’t remember what this was. Basically a kind of softcheese with cured ham. One of my favourites of the night.

Duck liver pate

Kingfish I believe

Don’t know why they decided to shape this sausage in this manner, but I’m sure diners get a kick out of it.


Aria – Persian Sandwiches

Anyone who is into mega sized sandwiches with options catered to the adventurous needs to try Aria in Merrylands out. I stumbled upon this place accidentally, as I never venture towards that particular side, as it doesn’t seem like much is happening on that particular end.


Aria - Persian Sandwiches

Aria – Persian Sandwiches

Sandwiches are well priced, and very filling.

Brain and tongue

Brain and tongue

Unfortunately the final product looks nothing like the photos, but fortunately they do taste good.