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Steak on the Rocks Canley Heights

Steak on the Rocks


Steak on the Rocks opened in Canley Heights, Canley Vale rd a few months ago, and has been gaining a good flow of customers. A good change from the pre-dominant asian restaurants around the area.But does the food fair?



Garlic Pizza. Was very hard. This is what was left of it. Pretty disappointing.



The Steaks are served on sizzling plates.  Served very hot as you could imagine. Unfortunately it does cause you to eat very fast if you like your steak medium rare-rare etc.



The chips would be improved immensely if they weren’t so oily.

A little video

Overall I found the experience to be a little under. The staff were friendly,  but the communication level was poor. There was only one staff member who understood our request. The restaurant definitely has potential to do great things.

Cooking at home: Vegetarian Risotto

Vegetarian Risotto


Made some Vegetarian Risotto at home. 🙂

Menulog: Peacock Palace Chinese Restaurant.

We enjoyed some Chinese Takeaway tonight courtesy of Menulog – “No.1 for Online Takeaway”.



The process was pretty simple. Punch your postcode or suburb into the search bar above, and it takes you to another page with a listing of various restaurants within your area.



The restaurant we decided on was The Peacock Palace Chinese Restaurant in Blacktown.  We went with Banquet 2:  Garlic Chicken, Pork Spare Ribs, and swapped over one of the dishes to a vegetarian stir fried noodle.





The order was estimated to arrive at 7:56.


The order arrived at exactly 7:56 or pretty damn close. Food was still hot, and it came with an extra 1.25L Pepsi, and a bag of Prawn Crackers. Meat dish swapped for Vegetarian dish no problems 🙂



How can you have Chinese food and not have Prawn Crackers right?






Jamie’s Italian – Sydney Australia

This was actually my second time visiting Jamie’s Italian in Sydney. However the first time we went, I ended up with a nasty stomach bug just before the night and couldn’t stomach anything.

Skip several months later and here I am.



We started off with the Fried Three Cheese Gnocchi and Fiery Arrabiata sauce. Quite tasty but I wouldn’t be calling it fiery though.



Our second Entree was the Baked Mushroom.  Buffalo Mozzarella and mushrooms surrounded by crispy bread. I think I enjoyed the crispy bread more than the cheese and mushrooms.



For mains i had Jamie’s Signature Porchetta. i.e Pork Belly with Watercress.

I tend accompany most of my meals with salad so would have liked a little more Watercress.



I forgot which pasta dish my partner had for her main. Can anyone help here?

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Pannacotta & Epic Brownie.