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Carter & G’s

Carter & G’s is another rustic style themed cafe located in St Johns Park.

I don’t remember much about the meals since this was taken a year ago, but as you can see this particular dish was not well executed.

The big breakfast looked a little better.

Kids Mac.

Even though Carter and G’s doesn’t quite meet up to the quality standard that is being produced these days, it is still a welcome change to have modern styles of cuisines hit the western suburbs.

Olivier Salad : Russian Salad

Hi folks,

I’ve been a little busy recently so have been a little lazy in the posting department.

As you all may have noticed, my past posts have all been Japanese cuisines and foods due to having visited Japan recently. But today I provide something a little different! (Thank-you to my good Russian friend for the recipe)

Olivier Salad or Russian Salad


The recipe contains: potatoes, carrots, eggs, spring onion, green apples, quail eggs, pickles,  peas, lots of mayo, mustard, and chicken thigh fillets. This was my first time making this. I think it came out alright 🙂