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Twelve Spices Lao & Thai

Heaps of people are flocking to Holy Basil within the South Western Sydney Region for some great Thai food. But if you want to avoid the crowds and have something just as good – I would suggest driving about 5 minutes up the road and trying out Twelve Spices Lao & Thai.



Raw Garlic. Chilli. Garlic. Mint. Fish Sauce. Served on fresh cabbage, onions, carrot. Very intense flavours. The prawns aren’t really overpowering at all.




Pad See Ew Vegetarian. Must have at every Thai Restaurant I go to. Pad Thai seems to be the go to dish for most people, but i think Pad See Ew is much better.



Strawberry Shake. Quite Tasty.

Part 2 review coming soon.


197 St Johns Road , 2166




Olivier Salad : Russian Salad

Hi folks,

I’ve been a little busy recently so have been a little lazy in the posting department.

As you all may have noticed, my past posts have all been Japanese cuisines and foods due to having visited Japan recently. But today I provide something a little different! (Thank-you to my good Russian friend for the recipe)

Olivier Salad or Russian Salad


The recipe contains: potatoes, carrots, eggs, spring onion, green apples, quail eggs, pickles,  peas, lots of mayo, mustard, and chicken thigh fillets. This was my first time making this. I think it came out alright 🙂