La Mesa – Philippine Cuisine

WP_20160422_20_47_16_Pro WP_20160422_20_47_54_ProLa Mesa is a Filipino restaurant located in Haymarket Sydney. It isn’t a hugely poular cuisine in Sydney, so naturally I went and tried it.

WP_20160422_21_11_12_ProBistik – Beef strips marinated in soy and lemon juice. I found it to be pretty salty, but bearable when paired with plain rice.

WP_20160422_21_12_22_Pro WP_20160422_21_12_42_ProSizzling Sisig – sizzling dish of pig head parts. This was easily one of my favourite dishes on the night. Nice balanced flavours.



CRISPY PATA – “signature dish; Tender pork leg deep fried to make its skin and meat crispy, served with a sauce of vinegar, soy sauce and…” Nice texture and crispiness.

WP_20160422_21_19_25_ProCHICKEN ADOBO – “A most popular Philippine dish of tender chicken fillets cooked in sugar cane vinegar, soy sauce, garlic and black pepper” I was pretty keen to try this but was unfortunately disappointed. The chicken was cooked pretty well. But in terms of flavour, it just tasted like plain chicken with soy sauce – literally.

WP_20160422_21_49_35_Pro WP_20160422_21_50_58_Pro


HALO HALO – “Sweetened exotic fruits, topped with shaved ice, milk and ice cream.”

I expected this to be overly sweet as I saw it arrive at the table. But surprisingly it is well balanced. You taste something different with each spoonful. Reminds me of other Asian influenced deserts – similar flavors.





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