Mazar – Traditional Afghan Restaurant

Merrylands isn’t the typical place you would chose to go out for dinner, and with the abundance of cafes and restaurants available in Parramatta only 5 minutes away it is easy to see why. However, if you venture out of your comfort zone, you will discover a place rich in culture, and probably some good food while you are at it too.



I decided to try out an Afghan restaurant called Mazar. This first dish is called ” Mahecha Palaw”.

Tender lamb shanks combined with a delicate palawi rice topped with carrots and sultanas.

The servings are massive! And bursting with flavour.



The mixed platter. Pretty much contains a little of everything. Definitely try the mantu dumplings.

Steamed lamb mince dumplings with a tomato, onion and garlic sauce topped with yoghurt and dried mint.


Bulani – Afghani bread pockets with fillings such as potato, chives, pumpkin and more. (Not sure what the and more part entails…)



Delicious bread served with your meal. Massive size.



Finish off with a little Afghan Tea.

WP_20150522_19_30_17_ProForgot to mention the Dough. It is a cucumber and mint yoghurt drink. The restaurant next door makes it a little thicker and ‘yoghurtty’, whereas this version is little less thick and saltier. I prefer this version as it tastes a little more refreshing.

WP_20150522_19_30_50_ProThe feast. (Banana peel not included)

Mazar is conveniently located just a short stroll from the station (for those non-drivers). Some areas can be a little quiet, so bring some friends along and enjoy a traditional Afghan feast.




Aqua S

Tried the Aqua S sea salt and pineapple ice cream with Fairy Floss as topping.



My verdict? I’d say it is a novelty more than anything else. Unfortunately, it tasted a little plain, and the pineapple needed a little tang.

You can find Aqua S near town hall near Regent Place.

Patagonian Toothfish – Redfern

Patagonian Toothfish is a South American Restaurant located in the heart of Redffern. It is about a 10 minute stroll from the station, or you could just drive straight there and park on one of the side streets. It wasn’t particularly busy when we went, but we had an early dinner.

WP_20150516_18_06_18_Pro WP_20150516_18_06_35_Pro

The restaurant is quite small inside, but has a nice cozy feel about it.


Albondigas con Tuco
Traditional Spanish meatballs in a spicy tomato salsa (GF)

The meatballs were a little on the dry side but the flavour was nice. Not too overpowering. The salsa was slightly spicy, and the sauce light in texture.


Croquettas de jamon
Creamy mixture of potatoes, jamon, Spanish herbs
Rolled in bread crumbs and lightly fried served with aioli

Not too oily. Dip generously into the Aioli as it is a little dry without.


Chupin de Marisco
Blue swimmer crab claw, prawns, mussels, octopus, scallops and squid
Served in a tomato & saffron broth with rustic bread(GF)

Perfect dish for a cold day. The mussels, prawns, scallops and Squid were all nicely cooked. Not overly chewy/mushy.. But not sure where the blue swimmer crab was? The broth was light, so if you aren’t a fan of heavy, creamy type dishes then this one’s for you.


Spinach and ricotta Ravioli
Ravioli simmered in a rich napolitana sauce with touch of cream (V)

A nice pasta dish. However even as a fan of spicy foods, I think it needs to be in the menu description for diners with low spice tolerance. Otherwise, nice lovely flavours, and the ravioli cooked just right.

WP_20150516_18_48_03_ProAroz con Leche

Spanish Rice Pudding

Nice, creamy and quite sweet. Comes out nice and warm.


Sweet revenge Ricotta cheese served with whipped cream and

Ricotta sounds really strange in the context of a dessert , but it’s very similar to any other cheesecake.  It has a caramel flavour, and sticks to the roof of your mouth with each mouthful.

Patagonian Toohfish can be found at:

231 Chalmers Street, Redfern Australia 2016


Eat Love Pizza



Eat Love Pizza is located in a prime location in Darling Harbour right next to the Imax Theatre. Strangely enough its prime location does not help in bringing in customers unfortunately. As you walk around the bend from Darling Harbour to Cockle Bay Wharf you tend not to see the rest of the restaurant. I have walked past this restaurant many times, and just assumed that it was some kind of take out place.

WP_20150504_19_44_19_Pro WP_20150504_19_38_01_Pro


We decided to give this place a couple weeks ago, and thought that the decor was much nicer than we had anticipated.



Arancini Balls. These tasted ‘breadier’ and drier than the usual arancini balls I have had in the past. The added sauce is a necessity in this case. I wasn’t blown away. Perhaps a different kind of sauce rather than something that is essentially Tomato Sauce would raise it up another level.



Frittata. Nice and light, and the salad complimented it very well.


Gamberi  Tomato base, garlic tiger prawns, chilli, wilted spinach & sweet chilli sauce

I really enjoyed this pizza.  Although I think it could do with a little more chilli/spice as it is listed in the ingredients.


Peking Duck Tomato base, marinated duck, chilli, toasted sesame seeds, rocket, orange & hoi sin.


Rose & Vanilla Panacotta 16.00 With spiced marsala blueberries & biscotti



Gelato & Sorbet  With biscotti.Chefs Selection. Cookies and Cream, Coconut and some fruity one. The cookies and cream tasted pretty standard, the coconut tasted like coconut milk you get out of a can. Unfortunately I didn’t catch the flavour of the fruity one, but it tasted a lot like Fruit Tingle Lollies. Awesome.



Black Forrest Restaurant – The Austrian Society.

Cabramatta for a long, long time has been known as the little Asia of Sydney and the go-to place for some of the best Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine in Sydney.

However, it hasn’t really been a place to be associated with European cuisine.

Just 2-5 minutes drive away from the main shopping district is a place called the German/Australian Society/Club.

As a kid I was always intrigued by this place as we passed on by for a trip to Yum-Cha with a bunch of relatives. Even as an adult, I never thought about venturing in. The name and location o the place gave it a sense of exclusivity.

After a failed booking at the Bavarian in Parramatta for a large group, we decided to take the gamble and try this place . There was an air of uncertainty. The poorly done website didn’t do much to  convey anything positive about the place, so to be honest – I wasn’t expecting much at all. How wrong was I/we.

WP_20150418_20_15_56_ProA very homely feel.



Some garlic bread to start.



The Beef Goulash comes in a main meal and entree size.  Perfect.



The Pork Knuckle is impressively large. I’m not sure that this photo really shows the scale very well. The sauerkraut is just as good. Nice and warm and a hint of sourness. Nothing like the crappy store bought-jarred- stuff..



Duck with Rotkraut/Red Cabbage. A little on the dry side but big portions once again.



Potato Dumplings stuffed with meat served with dumplings.



We decided to get the “Hot Love” out of the whim. The menu board had no description of what was in it – just the name of it. It was a tasty Strawberry Sundae but with something named “Hot Love” I was expecting something much more chocolately and decadent.



The Apple Strudel was delicious. The pastry was crispy and the filling had just the right amount of sweetness to it.

Overall, I really enjoyed the food and the general atmosphere. Well cooked food and good value for money. However, I do believe some of the waitstaff are a little rusty with their waiting skills/ seem a little hesitant about approaching customers. Simple things such as asking if a customer has enjoyed their meal, and if they would like additional drinks can go a long way in ensuring customer satisfaction.

The German Austrian Society/ Black Forrest Restaraunt can be found at:

73-75 Curtin Street, Cabramatta (entrance from Car Park on Broomfield Street



Tim Ho Wan

WP_20150404_11_49_17_ProTim Ho Wan is one of the most talked about restaurants in the Sydney food scene at the moment. Having earnt a Michelin Star and being considered one of the cheapest Michelin Star restaurants, it is easy to see what the craze is all about.


So I joined the rest of the food monkeys and joined the eternal queue to tasty food.’

pepperlunch2 pepperlunch1

Numerous other restaurants await to help make the waiting time a little less boring.


Mmm, side-ways Mint Frappe.


Finally at the front! Look at all those suckers lining up…

WP_20150404_13_52_42_Pro WP_20150404_13_43_22_Pro

By this point we had been waiting for at least 2 hours now.


I was still pretty hungry even after having those other meals whilst queuing up. I didn’t even bother taking food pics because of this. But if you’ve been to any yum cha you would be familiar with how the dishes look. Their Pork Buns are a little different though – being in a crispy, sweet encasing rather than the traditional steamed style. I prefer the traditional style.

We ordered about 8-9 different dishes, and to be honest Tim Ho Wan falls short of any good Yum Cha or Dim Sum restaurant. Try Vinh Phat in Cabramatta, or almost any Yum Cha around Sydney for better quality and cheaper food.

I was expecting, and wanted to see some good things eating here but I think this one is really over hyped.I honestly don’t understand how this restaurant gets a 4 star review, or receives a Michelin star. Maybe the Hong Kong one and Sydney one are worlds apart?

Sorry Tim Ho Wan fans. I wont be back.




Tetsuyas – Tasting Menu

WP_20140905_20_13_02_ProTetsuyas can be found in the Sydney CBD behind giant iron gates, and within a massive house. From the moment you enter it is all very posh. But for $220 per person for the tasting menu you would expect that.

WP_20140905_20_15_43_ProPart of the menu (I will need to upload the rest of it when I find it)

WP_20140905_20_10_49_ProSome Oysters they upsold me at the start. Were they good? mm, they were ok.

WP_20140905_20_19_02_Pro WP_20140905_20_38_17_Pro WP_20140905_20_38_39_Pro WP_20140905_21_00_21_Pro WP_20140905_21_00_41_Pro WP_20140905_21_23_57_Pro WP_20140905_21_24_17_Pro WP_20140905_21_24_25_Pro


The service was great, the staff were very attentive, knowledgeable and friendly. However I do feel as though the service style does lack character and personality.But in saying that, it’s understandable. Working in a world renowned fine dining restaurant with the occasional snotty customer would be like walking on egg shells.

Unfortunately I can’t accurately recall how each meal tasted since this was around fathers day last year.  However I do remember really enjoying the food, and would definitely recommend it .






Mini Hamburger Meal : Kracie Kits.

Hello all,

I have been really slack with posting for the past few months now, but will try to post a little more frequently the next few weeks.



Todays post is a little weird. Here is one of many mini food items you can make by – the mini Hamburger Meal.

WP_20141221_17_02_02_Pro WP_20141221_17_05_07_Pro


Utensils are provided in the packet so all you need is a Microwave. To be honest the instructions did confuse me a little, since I can’t read Japanese but there are plenty of tutorials online.



And here is the finished product. Pretty cool huh?

Did a taste taste. Verdict? Horrible. But for the novelty of it all, it is worth getting.

Green Peppercorn: Fairfield

It has been way too long since my last post. I have been way too busy as of late. Anyway – here is another review on a Thai Restaurant in the South-West of Sydney.




This is Green Peppercorn, located just a short stroll from Fairfield station.

Green Peppercorn gets really busy on a Friday and Saturday night. I think we waited almost an hour on both occasions we visited.

They make up for it though with complimentary fruit shakes. Yum!

Some sort of Thai Salad. Can’t remember which one it was…
Tom Yum Soup (Seafood). It was good. But nothing that was amazing.
Lychee Fruitshake.
Vegetarian Curry Puffs.
Vegetarian Spring RollsWP_20140919_21_15_16_Pro
Normally I get the Massaman curry with Beef. But this time I got it with lamb. Quite tasty.

And now on to the deserts.






Sabu: Contemporary Japanese and Sushi.


Sabu is located within the main food precinct of Parramatta.

WP_20140511_13_08_40_Pro WP_20140511_13_05_07_ProQuite nice looking inside.

WP_20140511_13_09_24_ProJames Ninja -mixed berries  and sweetened apple juice.


A summer infusion to refresh the body with apple
juice, green tea, mint, strawberries and cucumber.

I liked this one very refreshing.


This lush blend of fresh pink grapefruit and
cherries served tall with orange and mango nectar
will help you kick those shoes off and unwind.


Mixed Vegetable Tempura
Mixed seasonal vegetables with blue cheese espuma.


Seared scallop with pickled seaweed, shiitake and rich dashi espuma. 2

I think the sauce was overbearing. Way too much of it. The scallops were okay, but would have been better if they were a little more seared/browned on the outside.


Mushroom Skewers
Mushroom and zucchini skewed with truffle mayonnaise and tarragon.

Sauce was nice. Vegies were a little overcooked though.


Pork Belly
Slow cooked pork belly, carrot purée, pop pork skin, cumin crumble and ginger

The carrot puree has quite a sweet flavour, which is quite a common pairing when it comes to Pork Belly dishes. In this instance, it did not work for me (subjective). The Pork Belly was okay.  It could do with some sides to balance to dish a little better.



Crispy brick pastry with strawberry Ice Cream, chocolate soil, assorted nuts and rasberry anglaise shot.

Quite a unique and pretty looking dessert.  Could do with a little more strawberry ice cream, to compensate for the generous chocolate soil provided. Could do with a little more fresh berries.


The staff are super friendly and helpful, however unfortunately I do find the food does need a little refining. I think simplicity is the key in this instance. I would rather eat something basic and well cooked rather than something that is confusing and complicated…

Perhaps my experience will be different next time round, but for now it was just okay.