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Hot Red Bean Soup in a can by Asahi

Hello World!

Welcome  to my very first blog post of the year. I am new to this, so please bare with me in the meantime as  I become accustomed to the world of blogging.  I promise to deliver new, unique, and interesting content on regular basis – so please come back frequently for updates!

It is known by many beer lovers that Asahi – along with Sapporo are amongst two of the largest breweries and beer manufacturers in Japan. But what about the other stuff?

Today I introduce to you – Red Bean Drink by Asahi.

Red Bean Drink

I bought this from a vending machine in Tokyo, Japan.  By the way, it is a HOT drink.Who would’ve thought? A hot drink from a vending machine. But it makes a lot of sense when you are freezing your tookus off.

In terms of taste, I would say  it is pretty close to the real thing. Much more red bean than I expected. Although it is closer in texture and thinner like the Chinese version rather than the Japanese Oshiruko version.