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Carter & G’s

Carter & G’s is another rustic style themed cafe located in St Johns Park.

I don’t remember much about the meals since this was taken a year ago, but as you can see this particular dish was not well executed.

The big breakfast looked a little better.

Kids Mac.

Even though Carter and G’s doesn’t quite meet up to the quality standard that is being produced these days, it is still a welcome change to have modern styles of cuisines hit the western suburbs.

Rokeby Farms: Whole protein breakfast smoothie

WP_20140820_08_18_40_ProFound this in Coles this morning.

Dutch Chocolate

If you are used to the creamy, sugary style milk drinks from Companies such as Moove & Oak etc – then this is not for you. This is a lighter style Milk Smoothie with a natural chocolate taste.



Banana, Honey & Cinamon.

This one actually tastes sweeter than the Dutch Chocolate flavour. Once again not super creamy.


Breakfast in Kyoto

Following up from the previous post. Here is our breakfast the next day.

breakfast kyoto